Monday, November 7

November 4th- 6th

This past weekend harbored both great stressfulness and great joy. Nicks Aunt, who's living with his parents at the moment since she moved here recently, brought home a new kitten! He's the little one in the top left. I can't get over how silly he looks when he flops down with his legs splayed out like that. We're slightly concerned he's got hip problems or something -- but it's so cute! My cat Missy was very excited about crawling around in the foliage. She's a little jungle cat apparently.

Saturday morning I made Nick a special breakfast pancake --which I will post about later, and then we spent the rest of the weekend shopping for furniture! We even managed to buy ourselves a sofa! It's the middle picture on the bottom row -- not anything I would have picked for myself previously but it was the only sofa we sat in and thought, wow, we can picture ourselves living with this sofa! The writing desk in the last picture is our next purchase. It will be the perfect size for Nicks computer.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends, and hopefully spent less money then I did! ;)

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