Monday, November 21

Navy and Mustard

Suzy Shier dress, H&M tights and blouse, Show Warehouse boots
I loved this outfit, maybe because I finally felt truly confident in my mustard tights. I love the idea of these tights, but I've struggled in making them look cohesive with my outfit. If that makes sense. Maybe I'm paranoid but I sure felt like I got less stares when I paired them with this navy dress then I did with my black and cream dress. Of course, they're just peaking out of this outfit instead of dominating. Maybe that's why.

I sure need to find more long sleeve blouses. It's the best way to winterize a sleeveless dress! I feel like this is one I'm going to get a lot of ware out of this winter.

In other news, I've had to break out my parka this weekend. I try to keep that thing in storage until the last possible second, because it's ginormous and not at all attractive. Haha, what it lacks in attractiveness though it makes up for in warmth. Lots and lots of warmth.

I picked up a few things for the apartment yesterday, and Nick and I spent some time with my family putting the ornaments on their Christmas tree. I got to take all of 'my' ornaments home to the apartment where I am very excited to start dressing our own tree! Nick won't let me put it up until at least December 1st and I guess I'm OK with that since I've ordered a bunch of ornaments and things online and I need to wait for them to arrive... hopefully they all get here quickly so we can 'deck the halls' all at once. Now all that's left to do is buy some burlap and linen and sew our stockings, and tree skirt. I'm so excited for this holiday season and all the new traditions that will belong to just me and my boy.

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