Tuesday, November 15

Moving Day and The Snowy Morning After

 Above pictures are from the day of the move, and the proceeding day when we went out, bought the desk, assembled the desk, got half way through the unpacking of books before realizing we can fit more shelves on our bookcases but we don't have enough pegs. Gonna need to buy those.

You can tell how proud I am of the dish and glassware I have collected over the last four years. Super proud. Look how nice they all look in my cupboards! Nick says, all your glasses seem so fancy! Also, in suite laundry and deep freeze! Thanks mum and dad for the freezer. ;) You can also see I have yet to unpack and assemble my KitchenAid food processor... 

The below picture is from Saturday morning, the first morning we spent in our new place. I woke up early (as I always do) and discovered it had snowed overnight. Guess we moved in just in the nick of time. ;) My answer to this was to recline in front of the windows with my first mug of tea made in my own kettle -- and wait until Nick woke up. Haha. It'll be good to have internet...

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