Tuesday, November 15

Life is Living (changing, growing)

 I loved wearing this outfit, haha, something about matching my tights to my scarf made me deeply happy. Who knows why, maybe because I've never thought of wearing a scarf with this sweater dress before.

In other news, yesterday was the first real snow of the winter and it was crazy. So many accidents on the treacherous roads. Poor Nick is such a good driver, he takes his time and goes slow and steady, but it was still a struggle. Just like most people, we haven't put our winter tires on yet. Silly us. Hopefully we'll be able to get in and do that some time this week, I'm just concerned it will be super hard to get an appointment to do so.

Good news, we finally were told which parking stall is ours so we get to park underground where it's all heated and snow free. Yay! We also apparently have a storage unit down there, although our landlord had no idea and it's full of the previous tenants stuff still. 0.0  Gotta get that figured out!

Other good news, we've decided to contact Distributel for internet and phone services instead of going with the big guys Shaw or Telus. Distributel is going to save us 25$ a month if all goes well! Anyone have any experience with these guys?

HUE tights, Shoe Warehouse boots, Alfred Sung 'Pure' sweater dress, and Smart Set scarf

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