Wednesday, November 23

The Great Pilgrimage

Last Weekend I managed to convince Nick to take me to IKEA! I've been trying to get him to come with me probably for as long as we've been together. He has always refused. Now that we had a reason to want to walk through those pearly (plastic) gates he gave in. Little did he know he would have such a good time. ( I once went to IKEA for my birthday. Like, seriously.)

I decided to get him in the mood I would feed him first so we headed to the cafe and upon finishing his plate of 20 Swedish meatballs he exclaimed "we should eat here everyday!" haha, I should have known that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. After that we had a great time, but since we had to pick his Dad up from the airport we ended up leaving with only a few purchases. One of the things we bought were a few sets of these DVD shelves:

We're going to use them for Nick's game collection in the den so we can get all those PS3 games off the bookshelves and make more room for, you know, books!

In case you're wondering why IKEA is such a pilgrimage for us, since you may well live in a blessed place where IKEA's are as bountiful as milk or honey, Nick and I are north-siders in Edmonton and IKEA is about as south as you can get. It's quite a long car ride so I usually only get there once a year!

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