Thursday, November 10

Exciting Times Ahead

 Taken late at night in my basement where there was an inch of clean floor. Now, of course, this area has been turned into the painting station and is full of furniture still waiting for a second coat of paint. Ah well, soon we shall be moved into our new home my dearies! (Speaking to the furniture of course.)
I happen to have great affection for this little fuschia sweater.  It's got a sweat mod collar, and is just warm enough to keep me from shivering in my office cubicle all day long. It's also a happy color. I love happy colors.
Tonight we get the keys to the apartment and begin the moving of boxes. My plan is to move some of the breakables over tonight so I don't have to worry about them tomorrow when we have the strapping men of the neighborhood helping us. Also, I am beyond excited to start putting all of my dishware and dinnerware into the drawers where they will live. It's like the boxes are the eggs, and now, my dishes are ready to hatch and come alive. Haha, they've been incubating until I'm ready to grow up and use them myself.
We will also be buying some bath towels and things tonight. Exciting times are ahead.
Smart set sweater, American Eagle jeans, gifted necklace

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