Tuesday, November 29

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is on it's way and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate our first holiday in our new home. My fingers are itching, and my mind is racing as I decide how I'll decorate and bring the holidays into our apartment. Here's some of the things on my wishlist for this season:
1. A Very She & Him Christmas seems to be this years quintessential Christmas album, and since I love me some She & Him, I'm definitely wanting to buy it. Since I'm hoping for a record player for Christmas I'm torn between purchasing the album on LP or CD. Choices choices.

2. A Christmas tree! You can't have a proper Christmas celebration without a tree can you? Luckily my parents decided to buy a new, bigger tree for themselves this year so they've gifted us their old tree! I couldn't be more excited to put it up but Mr. Nick says I'm not allowed until Dec 1st! 2 sleeps!

3. Felt balls. This might seem like a strange one but since this is our first Christmas Mr. Nick and I don't have very many Christmas ornaments to put on our tree and I happen to love the look of adorable felt balls so I've ordered a bunch from here to make into a garland! I'll definitely share that process with you. ;)

4. I am in love with tiny winter wonderlands in jars. Well... who wouldn't be? I'm making it my mission this season to purchase some jars and set up adorable little winter scenes inside them.

5. I've always wanted a HBC point blanket but the real ones are SOOOO expensive. Like... 300$ expensive. If I was gonna spend 300$ on something I can tell you it wouldn't be a blanket. Instead, I've decided to 'invest' in this fleece version for only 35$. It's the look with out the cost. Thank goodness.

6. Lastly, it's my desire to do an adorable photo with my man for our first ever Christmas card. I cannot explain how adorable sweet Elsie Larson and Mr. Larson look in this photo from their engagement session -- I would love to try something like that with Christmas lights for our photo!

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