Tuesday, October 25

The Saga of Gentleman Pumpkin

Shoe Warehouse boots, H&M sweater, Dorothy Perkins necklace, HUE jeggings, gifted ring
Talk about comfy and cozy, I love wearing my poncho sweater!

I wore this outfit on Friday, the day we carved our pumpkin! You may have already seen how he turned out here. Nick and I had a liitttle fun playing with our pumpkin before carving him. What is it about carving pumpkins that makes it feel like fall is really here? I mean, the air is colder, the leaves are drifting off to make their beds below the coming snow, and yet it doesn't feel like the season until you have pumpkins on your doorstep.

Mr. Nick and I are doing something fun and special tonight, but I can't tell you yet -- it's a surprise! When the time comes I won't be able to stop talking about it, so prepare yourselves now. We're taking an exciting step in our relationship and lives --- that's all I can say!


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