Monday, October 24

A Productive and Delicious Weekend

We started our weekend off with some pumpkin carving! The finished product: a kitty cat, and a 'Gentleman Pumpkin'! He's definitely wearing a  monocle in case you're wondering. ;p We made homemade Calzones and to finish our Friday evening -- watched classic film 'Black Dynamite'. Go see it. Seriously.
Saturday and Sunday were mostly lazy, Nick was working so I sat around with my kitten and my parents while they read. I made an egg sandwich for lunch, and then I baked a birthday cake for my mum! I had never made a layered cake before so it was an adventure. We headed over to some friends house to celebrate my mums birthday and they made Ethiopian which we ate using a flat, pancake like bread instead of utensils. Party time!

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