Thursday, October 6


My Bestie and I, when she's in town, tend to get into all kinds of photography related mischief. This time the two of us did a couple of photo-shoots in my lush backyard. Wanna peak? I thought you might. These are pulled straight off her tumblr page and then edited a little to my taste. I do have all the raw files which I intend to play around with and share some more with you at a later date.

The first shoot we did was inspired by this one. My kitty Missy happened to stroll into our shoot and I decided we couldn't let her leave without a picture. The second shoot is a steampunk themed one. I basically used my Halloween costume from last year, modified a bit with some recent purchases.
Vintage Dress via Huckleberry Vintage, H&M belt

H&M blouse, my mum's vintage wedding crinoline, Expressions boots

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