Friday, October 7

Office Tour

Today I have a little tour of my cubicle at work! It's not very fancy, being taken in low light with my cell phone and all. In our office we use lamps for everything, the fluorescent lights are almost never on. You can tell someone is a newb when they turn on all the over head lighting.

I've been at NAIT for over a year now, and I've really cozied into my cubicle. There's bob, my succulent, (who appears to be on his way out these days. Poor Bob.) my picture of Nick and I, a mug from a set my Grandmother gave to me before she passed away, half a mustache that a welder cut for me to show off is wicked curvy line oxy-fuel cutting skills, and one of my favorite drawings ever by Marc Johns.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend (if you celebrate) take advantage of the nice weather, cozy up in a chunky sweater, and remember to tell your loved ones that you're thankful for them.

PS. Yes, I have changed my header... again. One day I will be happy with it enough to leave it. Hopefully.

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