Wednesday, October 19

Mixed Media

Dorothy Perkins skirt, Shoe Warehouse boots, Smart Set shirt, belt and vest
I felt like such a cowgirl in this outfit with my brown boots, denim shirt, and chunky knit vest. But it was super comfy and just warm enough! You can tell from the pics that the sun is setting earlier in the day then it used to be -- I had the sun beaming right in my face. It certainly warmed up the landscape (and made my hair look super red -- bonus?).

My parents returned yesterday from a trip to Boston for my mums birthday, and we're having a party for her on Saturday. I'm making the cake!

I also have to start working this week on the Christmas play for our church. I promised to have a first draft finished by the 30th but at present I'm a little nervous about my ability to make that deadline. That's what deadlines are for though, right? To force you to get something onto the page. Lets hope it works!

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