Monday, October 31

A Little Bit Steamy

 Happy Halloween my dears, this year, and last year I might confess, Nick and I went as Steampunk characters. Its a tiny bit strange to go around saying, "why, I'm dressed as a genre of film and literature based on an alternate Victorian history!" but luckily Steampunk is on the rise in popular culture so about 40% of people we encountered got it without help.
Halloween kinda of snuck up on us this year, hence the re-used costumes -- but honestly I spent so much money on the little details of these costumes that I was very happy to use them again! I wouldn't mind wearing it another ten times as well. ;p
You might recall that Amy took these photos when she was in town, hence the lack of Mr. Nick. Although there was a professional photographer at the Halloween party we went to, so we might get some pictures of us together after-all!

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