Wednesday, October 26

Layer it On

 Ahh, to layer sweaters. It's getting to be that season. Today I broke out my light winter jacket (thankfully not yet parka time). This cute little fox print sweater was a late season purchase last winter-- but I adore it. Really I love anything with adorable tiny animals printed on it. ;p

Guess what? I haven't  bought any clothes in three weeks. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm saving my monies best I can for all the expenses I'm sure to be occurring in the near future. I need to get myself a new laptop, and I'm saving to move out of my parents home. Pretty expensive endeavors each. It's hard not adding anything new to the closet though! I have a plaid skirt from H&M in my mind, and my favorite wedges are on sale at the Bay so I thought I might pick them up in black. We'll see if I can tuck a little money aside!

Smart Set sweater and cami, Urban Outfitters fox sweater, Bluenotes jeans, Shoe Warehouse boots, American Eagle scarf, gifted earrings

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