Wednesday, October 12

Grey Dove

Dress: Winners, tights: HUE via The Bay, shoes: Modcloth, scarf: Dorothy Perkins

I wore this outfit on Saturday to the wine bar. I love love this color combination! Grey and fuschia/wine go so well together. ;)I think I drank/tried more wines this weekend then I have in the culmination of my life so far. Haha, I'm on my way to connoisseur land. Did you know there's such a thing as dessert wines? Because no one informed me of this previously and they might be the most wonderful thing ever created. I tried an Australian Mango dessert wine, and it was orgasmic. I do have a sweet tooth.

You may also notice the giant ass bun I have going on in these pictures! It's a sock bun! More on that later, I'm planning a brief tutorial for you guys who may be interested in creating the easiest, most voluminous bun ever.

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