Tuesday, October 4

Apple Pie in The Sky Hopes

I wore this outfit on Friday and I loved how airy and comfortable my new H&M blouse was. I've been getting a lot of use out of the two blouses I bought there the other day, definitely worth the money! I also broke out my vanity glasses. It felt so silly to wear them since I don't need glasses to see (although I should get my eyes checked...) but they add a bit of charm to any outfit -- in my humble opinion. Nick is strongly against them -- haha, and all things he deems hipster.

Now that it's officially October I'm starting to think of all the things I want to get done this month. Here's the list:
1) Pair down my wardrobe and refurbish or donate unused items 2) Paint my dresser, bookshelves, and extra dining chairs 3) Finish at least two or three projects from the online sewing course DIY Dress Up 4) Plan for some Christmas themed crafts I want to do this year including making my own tree garland, and crafting some presents to save money. 5) Tell Nick I love him in different ways, like by cleaning making him lunches. 6) oh ya, and carve a pumpkin!

And many more.... What do you want to do this month?
Amazon glasses, Expressions oxfords, Bluenotes jeans, H&M blouse, Ardenes watch, and a gifted necklace.

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