Tuesday, September 13

You're As Sweet as Honey (I want to be your honey comb)

Dress: Urban Outfitters, bag: H&M, earrings: Urban Planet, necklace: gift, belt: Smart Set
I bought this dress two years ago from Urban Outfitters and have gotten an endless amount of use out of it ever since. The colors, and the fit are just so fun and flattering. I intend to style it a lot more this year, sweaters over it, and T-shirts under it. We'll see what happens, but I'm excited to move this dress into the fall season.

Speaking of fall, despite my death hold on summertime I have broken down and bought a few fall pieces I'm really excited about. Knowing Alberta... you can expect to see them soon.

Speaking of other things, today Mr. Nick begins his new job! I'm a tiny bit nervous for him, but I know that if he can manage to get up in the morning on time he'll do fine. It's all down hill after that. Yesterday we bought him a few new wardrobe staples to wear to work: some black jeans, and two dress shirts. American Eagle has a fantastic sale on jeans right now, just FYI.

Tonight we're taking his sister (also a Caitlin) out for dinner and a movie, it was her birthday this past weekend! Not sure what we're gonna see but bets are on Apollo 18.

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