Friday, September 2

Wild Wild Horses

ASOS pussy bow blouse, Expressions booties, Bluenotes jeans, Smart set vest and belt
I think you're going to see quite a bit of this buildings metal exterior in the coming months. That's because it's right outside the new gaming cafe Nick and I have been frequenting. What, don't act shocked, you already knew I was a giant nerd. ;p 

Mr. Nick and I are attending Sonic Boom this weekend! I bought tickets for him for his birthday because I knew he really wanted to go. I'm most excited for Metric and Cee Lo Green! I've always loved Gnarls Barkley but after seeing Cee Lo on 'The Voice' I started to fall in love with his personality! What a cutie that man is, with his tiny hands and ginormous heart! 

Other things we're hoping to do this long weekend: 
1. Buy me a smart phone! I really want the HTC Sensation 4G.  Nick has the Incredible S and they seem pretty comparable, but the Sensation has 1080p video recording which is kinda incredible if I may say. 
2. See Don't be Afraid of The Dark. While the title is a little clunky, the film seems insane. Like... really scary. And for some reason that intrigues me.
3. Go to a farmers market! Edmonton has so many wonderful farmers markets and somehow the entire summer has passed and I haven't been to one! That is a serious travesty! Shame on you Kaitlyn. 
4. Have dinner with my cousin! My Cousin Dana has invited us over for supper on Saturday! She's recently bought a house with her boyfriend and I haven't seen it yet, so I'm pretty excited. 

Happy long weekend everyone, enjoy it!

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