Friday, September 9

What the River Gave Me

I can't begin to tell you what a welcome escape yesterday was for Nick and I. I took the day off and the two of us escaped the city to one of my family's favorite swimming holes: Pembina River. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day. Temperatures soared to a record 31 degrees and never looked back.The water was freezing -- but it was a welcome change from the heat of the beach. I have so many memories of Pembina River!

A few years in a row we went with my cousins, Jackie and Jessica, and their family. I remember laying on the beach with them, swimming in the water, long talks, riding the 'rapids' in our inflatable rafts, and delicious food. Why is food so much more tasty when you're hair is wet and you're hot and dirty?

I also remember going to the river with family friends the Lapkas, before they had children, while Sherry was pregnant, and later with their first daughter, Charis.

I remember when we took my good friend Rebecca and her boyfriend Darren, now her husband and the father of her children. Darren was so adventurous, climbing up river banks, getting dirty in the mud. We had the best mud fights with those two. It flew everywhere! I remember it was in my swim suit, and in my hair!

I remember taking my Junior High bestie Bethany -- her, my sister and I smeared mud all over our bodies and let it dry, smearing it across our cheeks in lines and shouting war cries into the buzzing air.

I remember bringing my High School bestie Amy to the river where we played in the mud again. I remember I lost one of my shoes and she went in to get it for me.

It was really exciting for me to share the spot with Nick, even though I wish my family had been able to come with us. I did my best to make it an experience for him though, I made home-made egg salad sandwiches (my mum makes the best egg salad sandwiches and somehow they would always be cool still when we went to eat them at lunch time. So refreshing and tasty after a swim!) packed some water and cookies, and even threw some mud.

He wasn't as excited about that however. It seems I've bagged a non-mud throwing fellow.
Ah well, even though I love to share things from my childhood with him, I also want to make new memories and traditions.

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