Friday, September 16

What April Wore

By now you've heard about how my sister and I have very different styles of dress. I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly (maybe) feature about what my sister wore this week, since you all know what I wore this week. April is much more of a practical dresser (in some aspects. My dad seems to always be scolding her for her impractical footwear decisions, like wearing ballet flats all winter long) she prefers pants, leather details, and a leans towards a more 'hipster tomboy' style. Although I've decided to ultimately go in a different direction, for many years her style of dress, and strong opinions, kept me from dressing for myself! Now I want to celebrate how she dresses as an individual, completely different from me! The best part is that she's just starting out in her college career and I'm already done that, heading into my second year as a fully employed type, so her style is going to reflect that (not just in her classy backpack).
Here is our first outfit, April found this awesome lace tank top on her last trip to The Mall (West Edmonton Mall of course) and she layers it here over a black tank and a pair of ratty jeans (purchased that way I believe). She also rocks her signature hipster beanie/tuque.

What do you think, do you like seeing what April wore?

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