Thursday, September 1

Skort vs. Skirt

Smart Set Denim Skort, TOMS, Winners top, Joe Fresh scarf
 Yes. This is a skort. But does being a skort make it work appropriate or does looking like a mini skirt hold it back? I haven't decided yet. Still musing about it actually. I did however wear it to work in the meantime. Does that make me a bad person? My mother thinks it might. I'm lucky that my job doesnt have a dress code, my mother says. Dress for the position you want to have, she says. But I like dressing however I damn well please. That's  one of the reasons I love my job. Plus, I'm not crazy, I have a lot of respect for my employers, and that is why I wore tights. Makes sense to me.

What do you guys consider appropriate for casual Friday attire?

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