Thursday, September 1

The Pineapple

I am a curly haired girl.  Some have envied me because of it, but the smart ones don't. Curly hair is hard to style, temperamental, and for the first seventeen years of my life I had no idea what to do with it because no one else in my family has curly hair. Eventually, I got used to it. Now, I have lots of tricks for styling my crazy hair including this one: The Pineapple.

I learned about the pineapple from doing some curly hair research on the site They have a wealth of styling tips and tricks including detailed instructions about this one. Ever since I started pineapple-ling before bed, I've been preaching the pineapple to every curly haired girl I see. 

What is pineapple-ing you ask? Why, it is the simple practice of pulling all your curly hair into a high pony tail directly on the top of your head before you hit the hay. I use a silky scrunchie to do mine and that way it leaves less of a mark on my hair. Basically all it does is keep your curls out from under your head when you're sleeping so your curls don't get frizzy! Perfect second day hair is within a scrunchies reach for everyone.

So go now, and preach the curly news!

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