Monday, September 26

Oh Deer!

I got a lot of incredulous looks when I wore this outfit last week, haha, I could see peoples eyes following my legs as I walked. I guess mustard tights aren't a big thing in Edmonton. My mum even went as far as to say "Just because they sell them in stores..." I stopped her midway though. The fact is that I love colored tights! This probably has something to do with Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Her and her friends are all colored tights people, and seeing them always makes me so happy! Also, this adorable deer print dress I snatched up from H&M is a bit on the short side and I had to wear tights with it! So why not colored ones! ;)
Dress, belt, and tights H&M, shoes Expressions via The Bay, sweater Smart Set, watch Ardenes, zipper earrings Aldo

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  1. Coloured tights are awesome. I have a pair of dark pink ones which I have worn to death.

    Love the green watch too. Totally cute...

    beks xx


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