Monday, September 19

My Weekend in Photos: Vegetables and Vintage

Saturday morning Nick came over for breakfast and I made a special breakfast cake (which I will share with you later) he surprised me (kinda) by wearing his new H&M shirt and his skinny tie! Obviously an outfit designed to please me. He doesn't wear a tie for just anything.

After breakfast my parents and I headed downtown to another farmers market, we hadn't been to this one in a few years! There were lots of beautiful dogs hanging out with their owners, which I love to see, and lots of vegetables, sea food, dips, and wines for sale! I even bought a bottle by a local winery. I can't wait to try it, it's raspberry flavored!

The vintage lamp in the bottom picture is from The Blue Plate Diner right next to the farmers market. We popped in there for lunch (and to warm up). On Sunday my mum, who was on a canning kick all weekend, whipped together this beautiful carrot cake jam. We spread it on bread with cream cheese and it tasted just like a slice of carrot cake, including the cream cheese frosting!

I hope next weekend includes this much deliciousness ;)

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