Monday, September 12

My Weekend in Photos: Delicious and Nutritious

 Friday night my parents were making steak on the barbeque and the weather was divine so I suggested we eat outside! There's nothing better then a good meal on the patio with the sunshine waning and the air hanging with the days residual warmth. Our cat Missy played in the catnip plant and we picked some plums off our plum tree. As far as I know, this is the first year that that tree has produced anything.

In the middle are some pics of me and Missy snuggling on the sofa Saturday morning before I did some cooking. We were just chilling and watching some TV together. She's such a precious kitten, even though she's already twelve years old, she's still my little one. (And she totally loves me the best)

Saturday  I attended a bridal shower for my junior high/high school friend Justine. She's getting married in early October and I'm so excited for the wedding, and to see my bestie Amy who is coming down for the wedding from Ontario. It was a fancy hat party, hence my fancy Steampunk fascinator and Justine's swanky top hat. At the shower, Justine won first place in the hat contest (she has a purple veil and flowers on the back of her top hat) and I won second! I spent my morning making treats for the shower, which I will share with you later.

The last set of pictures is from my families trip to one of our favorite restaurants in the world: Saigon Paradise. Best ginger beef in Edmonton.

 I hope everyone else had just as lovely a weekend as I did.

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