Tuesday, September 6

My Labour Day Weekend in Cell Phone Pictures

Well I did it! I bought a smart phone. It was very exciting to trade in my not-so-smart phone for the fancy android super phone. It didn't feel like it was mine! I'm still experimenting with the camera apps and settings, but I took these photos to commemorate my weekend.

Friday night we had a late night (1 in the morning!) cereal party just the two of us. (Mr. Nick and I) which was a riot, and Saturday morning I rousted him from bed and dragged him and his entire family to the St. Albert Farmers market. While there, Nick surprised me by buying me the most beautiful sunflower bouquet! What a sweetie he is. Sunday night we went to Sonic Boom, and Monday I stayed in and read "The Curly Girl Handbook". After, I made a few of the suggested recipes for hair products using simple items found in my house! I put my mixtures into canning jars (sorry mum) and can't wait to use them!

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