Monday, September 26

A Littly Bit Corny

And now, for the obligatory weekend post in cell phone pictures. They all happen to be from Friday however, since Nick and I stayed in and enjoyed the rest of our weekend in our pajamas.

On Friday Mr. Nick, myself, my sister, and a few of our friends (not to mention Prospero the dog) had a blast at the Edmonton corn maze. Who knew there was a petting zoo and bouncy cushion available! (True story. Bouncy cushion.) Poor Prospero happens to be suffering from an allergic reaction... to the world. But he isn't allergic to hay! Or corn! Which is a definite good thing, since there was plenty of both.
I should mention that the top picture was not taken with my cell phone, hence the poorer quality.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Looks like a great weekend!

    Love the new header by the way.

    beks xx

  2. @polkadotsandsparkles Thanks ;) I'm still working on it so it's bound to change a bit more, but It's definitely in it's final stages!


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