Thursday, September 22

Leather and Bows

I recently purchased this adorable leather skirt from H&M! Hard to walk in, yes, hard to bend over in, definitely, but so badass it's worth it! Ha! I toned it down with a casual top, scarf, and pretty homemade hair bow! I am so proud of this silly little bow it's hard to describe. It is my first completed projected from Red Velvet's E-Course "DIY Dress up". And it turned out! Hazah! I can't wait for my next project, and the next, and the next. I may have gotten ahead of myself when I found the PERFECT fabric for a project that isn't supposed to be done till much later in the course... I'll get to it!

In other news, Nick and are are going to be very busy in the next couple of weeks but I'm excited to spend some time with each other out and about, not just curled up in front of the TV. Although that's always nice, it's time we got out there before the dreaded snow makes that couch look much more inviting! We can go back to hibernating then.
H&M skirt, Zara top, Expressions oxfords from The Bay, hand made bow!

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