Monday, September 19

I Was A Sailor (and I was a firecracker)

Sweater and belt: Smart Set, skirt: Dorothy Perkins, necklace: gift, tank top: Urban Planet, boots: Expressions via The Bay earrings: Aldo Accessories
 I wore this outfit yesterday, it was chilly but not cold so I broke out the new 'fisherman' sweater I bought last week from Smart Set. It's oh so comfy and warm but the weather hasn't been chilly enough to wear it yet so up till now it's been relegated to being worn around the house and when lounging in my basement. I'm happy to wear it out now! It's the perfect answer to the cool fall air.

I had a lovely weekend, I did a lot of baking and cooking and even started sewing my first project from the DIY Dress Up E-course I purchased from A Beautiful Mess! My mum took me shopping for fabric Sunday and that evening I sewed two hair bows. I was very proud of myself. They're so easy to make, I think I'll do several more.I love weekends where I come away feeling like I accomplished something! Lazing around on the sofa watching terrible movies is all fun and wonderful, but there's nothing better then feeling productive when you go into a new week.

How was your weekend?
Hey, in case you're wondering you can find the title of the post in the following song. ;)

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