Friday, September 23

I Look To The Sea (reflections in the waves)

I was really proud of this outfit. Some of you may recall this dress from here and here, but today... today it became a skirt. How cool is that? OK, so you're not that impressed, but it involved tucking the top of the dress under, belting and then adjusting throughout the day as it began to untuck itself, haha, but it worked! and I was proud! So all hail me and my remixing ways. Or something like that.

In other news, despite our recent rash of warm weather, the leaves are starting to change here in Edmonton. Fall comes upon us! Tonight Nick and I are going to the corn maze! How exciting is that? I'm dressed in all kinds of comfy knitted layers. Not sure what we're going to do this weekend -- it's strange because the weather is both cool and hot at the same time so we cant go to the beach... and we've done the farmers market thing... so I'm not sure what the weekend has in store for us! I know we'll need to start packing Nick's room up as his family is moving next week. Hopefully that task (not a small one) doesn't swallow our weekend whole. I also have some desire to paint my bedroom (as I mentioned previously). What are your weekend plans?

H&M dress, Winners top, Shoe Warehouse boots, Reitmans belt

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