Tuesday, September 27

Fall (you are my best friend)

It's amazing how quickly the leaves change. One day you're outside and they're green and summery, and the next they've gone orange and yellow! It reminds me how precious each season is, how important it is to treasure each small change (except snow. I refuse to treasure snow). The weather right now is unprecedented, warm, almost balmy and yet fall is certainly here. I'm torn between wearing thick sweaters or shorts. A warm fall like ours is wonderful for enjoying the beautiful trees, and the outdoors. I remember falls past that transitioned quickly from warm to freezing cold leaving no opportunity for outdoorsy-ness. At least not for this pansy.

This week is going to be a special one. My bestie (who abandoned me for greener pastures in Ontario a few years ago) will be in Edmonton for our friends wedding on the weekend. We're going to have a bad movie night, do some shopping, and squeeze in a little zombie killing before we celebrate our friends marriage! 

Baby's Breath midi dress from Shop Sosie, Expressions booties from The Bay, Old Navy scarf ,
Reitmans belt, H&M socks

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