Thursday, September 29

Bows and Stripes

Late post today, haven't been feeling all that well! Ah well, feeling better now. Tonight I get to see my bestie Amy who's visiting for a wedding, she's going to take my outfit photos for me! I'm super excited to have a semi-pro take my pictures for the blog. This blog actually came about because with Amy moved to Ontario, no one ever took any photos of me, my man, or our lives anymore! These things need to be documented!

This look was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Scathingly Brilliant. She does her hair in this adorable bouffant and attaches a cute little bow. Since I made a few cute bows I've been trying to find uses for them and this look was on my list! Mine isn't nearly as cute as hers though!

By the way, in the second photo I am not wearing a new hip necklace. They're my work keys! Haha, sometimes I forget to take them off and don't realized I'm wearing them still until half the photos are taken. Nicks no help, "that's just how you look!" he insists.

Dorothy Perkins skirt, Dynamite top, H&M belt and socks, Aldo earrings, and homemade bow!

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