Thursday, September 15


Who has the better frown? Nick definitely wins the "most old and grumpy" title.
On Tuesday Nick and I took his little sister Caitlin out for dinner and a movie. It was her birthday on Sunday, and this was our present! I felt really grateful to go along with them since it's traditionally a brother sister outing.

Caitlin is a big fan of horror movies so we went to see Apollo 18. I thought it was kinda 'meh' if you follow, but Caitlin and her brother seemed to enjoy it well enough. Nick kept insisting one of the actors was Steve Zahn (from such films as The Perfect Getaway, and That Thing You Do). I told him, no, no it's not! But he wouldn't believe me. I, of course, was completely right. Do not play this game with me buster, I know more about celebrities then you ever will! Of course, this is not normally something I advertise. ;)

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