Thursday, September 15

Baby's Breath

Dress: Shop Sosie, vest and belt: Smart Set, necklace: ASOS, bow: H&M, booties: Expressions (via The Bay)
 I purchased this lovely dress from Shop Sosie during their Labour Day sale, they list it as a maxi dress, but I would say it's more like a midi dress as it hits me just below my knees. The material is a thick silky polyester which feels amazing, but doesn't provide much stretch. I think it's going to be a great layering piece, but I may have to wear a slip underneath as it is filled with static! Luckily it was windy out when we took these photos or else it would have stuck limply to my legs the whole time.

I love the pattern. There's something about soft, simple baby's breath that is so beautiful to me. I keep telling people that when I get married flowers are going to be at the bottom of my expenses because I'll put together beautiful bouquets of wild flowers and baby's breath.

One of the things I have to thank style bloggers for is introducing me to the casual bun. Haha, I can't believe I went through most of my life not knowing it was so simple to reproduce! Whenever my hair isn't cooperating these days (read: frequently) I just twist it up and secure it into a bun like this. Love it. This one hairstyle could have revolutionized my high school/college years.

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