Wednesday, September 28

Autumn Has Come (to my hometown)

Happy Hump Day everyone! That's right, you've made it to Wednesday. Despite all you've had to deal with (including forgetting the password to your voice-mail inbox...) the week is half done. This week will pass and fade into a long month and from here on the leaves will continue changing, the air will progressively become colder with each passing day, and the remaining days of Autumn will slip through your fingers like they do every year leaving you with nothing but eight cold months of winter to look forward to. At least, if you live in Canada like I do. Take solace in the fact that this gives you a remarkable excuse to shop for big comfy knitted sweaters and ribbed tights. On the horizon there are beautiful things, pumpkins, pies, turkey, roaring fires and chai tea. Don't let the season pass without going outside and breathing really, really deeply.

H&M blouse and belt, Smart Set cardigan, Mark's Work Warehouse Skirt, Payless boots

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