Tuesday, August 30

You Ain't Born Typical

Joe Fresh skirt, TOMS shoes, Pure (Alfred Sung) plaid shirt, ASOS necklace
Wore this outfit on Friday, nothing special, just casual Kaitlyn. Fun though, I love tying things at the waist to make them look different then usual. I kept saying to Nick when we took these pictures, crouch lower -- get the tree in there. Haha, he was not impressed. I'm going to make a professional outfit photographer out of him yet.

Exciting news! I have a few new blog features on the horizon as far as content goes, hopefully to start this Friday. Also, I'm working on a new blog design! When I started Light A Candle months ago I grabbed a picture of me that I liked off of Facebook and made a header out of it, but now that I have outfit photos on the go I want to make something that is more of a representation of what the blog is actually about which is not generally me standing in fields trying to look pretty.

Although that could still become a feature.

Just kidding. Look for a new design to premier sometime in the coming week! It will likely take me a bit of experimentation to get it right so forgive me if it feels like a construction zone around here for awhile.

Here, listen to an awesome song.

You're welcome. ;p

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