Friday, August 12

Very Sunny Saturday

This is the outfit inspired by my "What to Wear" post I did pair a plaid shirt with it when it got cooler, and my blue and  yellow bag. I decided to go for earrings instead of a necklace because I was concerned about having some oddly shaped tan lines around my neck. Good thing, because this is also the day Mr. Nick and I got thoroughly burned. Worth it though, we had a great time basking in the sunshine!

I bought this romper a few years ago, the summer I met Nick. We were just starting to romance each other at the time and I was infatuated with (not only him) but the comfy, easy-ness of this romper. I remember he had nothing negative to say about it then, but this weekend he revealed to me that he hates all rompers. Haha, he tried very hard to talk me out of wearing one! It's funny how our true colors come out once we really get to know someone. ;)

Bluenotes romper, Smart Set belt, Earrings were a gift, Joe Fresh hat
Almost out of things to post about the folk festival now! I can assure you we will return to our regularly scheduled outfit posts next week. Did you have a listen to my folk fest inspired playlists here and here? LOTS of good music for you, and I shall be sharing a little more this afternoon.


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