Thursday, August 18

Polka Dots & Lace

Blouse: H&M, Dress: Vera Moda (ASOS)
 I'm really excited about this new blouse I purchased from H&M, it's so light and floaty! I wore this outfit on Sunday, Nick was working so I convinced my father to take my outfit photos. He wasn't quite as patient with me as Mr. Nick. I don't think any of the full body photos turned out -- first the camera was on the wrong setting and they were looking all grainy, and then it was too dark, and then too light. Haha, I know it's great for Nick to get more hours at work since he's saving for school but I can't wait till he's done this string of evening shifts! Perhaps selfishly, I don't mind when he works during the day but in the evening he's meant to be with me!

H&M bow hair band
 Tonight we're planning on visiting the fringe -- not sure what we'll be seeing or if we'll just be taking in the sights and sounds. Of course I haven't seen Nick in three days so I'm fine with whatever we're doing as long as we're together! Those of you who are in Edmonton, what shows have you gone to see if any? Any favorites, or duds?
Necklace Urban Outfitters (gift)
I feel very much like it should be Friday today. I'm excited to perhaps do some shopping this weekend, I need to get to Sephora, and I have an Urban Outfitters gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone have exciting weekend plans? I feel like any day could be the last day of good weather (it's quite touch and go in Edmonton) so I'm getting anxious to have my last hurrah at the beach. Perhaps I'll be able to get away this weekend. Wish me luck!

PS. You may have noticed a new edition to the side bar. I now have a facebook page for the blog. Networked blogs was kind of a lame way of doing things on facebook, so I decided to take the plunge and put a page up. You can click 'facebook' in the side bar and then hit 'like' on the page to stay up to date with posts. Thanks! 

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