Monday, August 15

Our Last Festival Day

Dorothy Perkins skirt, Joe Fresh hat, Urban Planet earrings, Smart Set belt
Well, today is my last day of Festival themed posts. I have some great outfits in store for you starting tomorrow!

This outfit I wore on Sunday, it was a bit of a miserable day so I had my denim shirt over top for most of the morning. Luckily it warmed up in the afternoon. The skirt is Dorothy Perkins and newly arrived. I love it to pieces. seriously, it has such great flow and the length is perfect.

I'm really going to miss the festival atmosphere, plus, it was a great excuse to put together some wild outfits. I particularly liked my Thursday and Friday outfits. Something about a music festival is so free, and fun, you just want to dress to match!  Mr. Nick was such a good sport, he was exhausted and drained from the experience (plus early work days on Thursday and Friday) but he was still a great festival companion. I loved seeing his face light up when the bass started up and the music got wild.

Later today: My festival rain solution! Which I shall patent and make lots of money from.

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