Wednesday, August 17

Oh Happy Day

Linen Trousers: Forever 21
 I was so proud of myself on Friday, Nick was working, and my parents and my sister were out, so I was all alone (with the cat!) and in the position to fend for myself. It was lovely outside, and my cat kept looking at me with that face that says "Please, will you let me go outside so I can roll in the dirt and chase dragon flies?" so I said, OK Missy! Let's go. And we went into the backyard together and while she did those things, I set up the tripod and took my own outfit photos!
White Top: Winners, Platforms: Blowfish
 Now, if you recall, which you may not, the first time I took my own outfit photos it was winter and the only square of backyard available to me was the back porch so all my pictures were cropped oddly and out of focus. This time however, I had lots of room to set things up, check my focus and play around. Not all the pictures turned out, but these ones are OK! Yay! Obviously I had some fun in post production as well, but they're in focus and I have feet! That's definitely an improvement.
Base color is Gosh, grey color is revlon
 I was really excited to share my 'manicure', I don't have a lot of funds available for salon manicures so I'm always experimenting with nail polish on my own. I found a tutorial here for leopard print nails and I tried it out! Didn't turn out perfectly .... which is unsurprising. I'm a very impatient person and it shows here. When I applied my top coat I managed to smudge the sharpie... haha. oops. My middle finger nail, above, is the only one that didn't smudge! I do want to try again, however, with different colors.
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
 I wore this outfit to work on Friday and everyone kept commenting on my high shoes. People even remarked, you're like a different person! What, because I'm taller? Haha.  I did feel quite different, towering over everyone. Also... descending stairs became a problem. Unlike when I'm wearing heels and know exactly where my toes are, in platforms I can't feel where the bottom of my feet are so I tend to trip slightly down the stairs, always stepping too low. Besides that, sitting down was also a problem. I was much higher then usual and therefore my but was much farther from the seat of my chair then I was used to. Every time I sat down it was a rush and a thump, as I sat down too firmly.
Lizard ring: Aldo Accessories, Watch: Ardene's
 Soo... perhaps I won't be wearing my Garren Platforms to work for awhile after this experience. I need to get used to being so high up first!
Blowfish Garren Platforms - and yes, that's my tripod in the frame.
I'm very proud of these photos. I think I'll be braver and take more of my own photos in the future. It allows me to be more creative and express more of my own photography style, which I think is very important for my blog!

What about you other style bloggers, how do you/who does take your photos? And does it matter to you whether they're creative and expressive or is showing the outfit what matters most?

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