Friday, August 26

A New Kind of Cool

Dress: H&M, Shirt: Smart Set, TOMS shoes, Earrings: Smart Set
 I was very proud of this outfit. It might not seem like much, but it marks a special turning point in my creative outfit putting-together-ness. You see, this dress doesn't have sleeves, but I didn't like the flimsiness of the neckline so I layered it over a shirt with floaty sleeves, and, huzzah, a dress with floaty sleeves! How cool is that? I know, I know, it seems so mundane, but it really made this dress more wearable so I'm quite pleased. Who knew that simple rules of addition applied to clothes. (shirt + dress= dress with shirt!) Remixing can be so rewarding.

Have fantastic weekends everyone, do something fun outside and enjoy this last bout of warm weather.

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