Thursday, August 25

If I Could Polka ...

H&M blouse and socks, Expressions shoes, Dorothy Perkins skirt and belt, Necklace: gift! Thanks April ;) Hair clip: handmade vendor.
 This outfit might come off as a bit fancy for an average day at work, I did feel rather... funeral-esque, but there's nothing wrong with dressing up on a daily basis. I hold to that. After years of college, and working retail I feel like I've earned the right to turn my everyday life into a fancy dress party.

In other  news, Nicks birthday party is on Saturday and I am very excited! This time I'm not going to worry about hostessing. Haha. We'll be spending a few hours at a local gaming cafe, and then heading to his house for a barbeque. This time I'll take pics!

The rest of the week and subsequent weekend are promising to be pretty mundane, if it's nice I would really like to get to the river for some sun. We'll see if it happens, we always seem to get wrapped up with other plans.

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