Tuesday, August 16

Fresh Tomato Pasta: A Cooking Triumph!

I don't, and only occasionally have, claimed to be a master chef. However, when the mood strikes I have been known to take cooking very seriously and pull out a super amazing meal. (If I may say so myself). There was a time, a few years back, when I watched a lot of cooking shows and I think that's what inspired me to learn to cook. Well lately I've been doing a lot of pinning and pinning of recipes and I think that has inspired me to pick up the spatula again. Also, there's the fact that I was alone this weekend and had to fend for myself.

My mum has been growing fresh cherry tomatoes on our back step and so I started by picking a handful of those. I didn't use a recipe, mind you, so I have no recipe to share. However, I can share with you the idea.

I added butter, garlic and some basil leaves to a pan and then added my cherry tomatoes. I allowed them to cook down with the other ingredients until they were nice and mushy and then I squished them into pan with a spoon! I didn't have enough fresh tomatoes for a whole serving of sauce so I added a little tomato paste, some anchovy paste (my sister swears by it), and a little milk to water it down. Now, I like my tomato sauce a little lighter than some, so you could just add more tomato paste to make it go farther, rather then the milk. I did put a little Dijon mustard into the sauce, which I regret. Would have been better without!

I then grabbed a handful of basil (my mums plant, again, perfectly fresh!) chopped it and squished it for flavor and then added it to the sauce with some salt and pepper.

After this it was ready for eats! And good thing too, I was starving. I paired my lonely single meal with a bottle of wine and watched me some renovation shows! Overall, a good evening with my cat.

This is sounding sad...
Anyway, the moral of the story is to be creative and don't be afraid to fly without a recipe for some things! Forget those canned sauces and make something really divine. And don't forget the wine pairing.

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