Tuesday, August 9

Folk Festival: Day 1

Sheer top: H&M, Shorts: Bluenotes, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: Smart Set
 This is the outfit I wore on Thursday, the first day of the Edmonton Folk Festival! It was literally 'just something I threw on' although that sounds stupid to say. Haha, I was pretty proud of how it came together. I felt pretty festival appropriate -- although it would have been a good idea to break out some of my old friendship bracelets to throw on with the outfit. ;) In the spirit of festival-ness of course.
To transition my outfit to night time I undid the knot in my sheer shirt and threw this denim top over everything. Also, that's my new ASOS bag which came in the mail just in time to be my festival bag of choice.
Bag: ASOS, Denim shirt: Smart Set
I'm not sure what it is about the festival that makes it so intoxicating, but I bet it has something to do with the atmosphere, the throngs of music lovers, and, my favorite bit, the sun set over the entire Edmonton skyline. I remember the first time I went how amazed I was by the view from the top of the Gallagher park hill. It has yet to disappoint me. My favorite memory from my first year was Joan Osborne playing, the sun setting in the distance, and just as she broke out 'One of Us', as the crowd went wild, a huge gust of wind funneled down the side of the hill and took up all of her blonde hair in its hands and let it fly.

Last year, my favorite moment was when Brandi Carlile came on stage alone, with only her acoustic guitar and softly sang to us as the hill lit up the darkness with candles. She was so grateful and genuine I fell in love with her.

This year I'm not sure if I have one moment that stands out like those, it was a weekend strung together by wonderful moments, but I think I loved it best when Brandi, Jeremy Fisher, Serena Ryder, and Deer Tick all played a song together.

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