Thursday, August 11

Festival Harlot

 I bought this top for the festival, when I put it on Nick and I noted that I was the 'festival harlot' in my low back midriff revealing top and mini-skirt (which is actually a skort, would a harlot do that??) . After the festival I asked him to take some pictures of the back so that you could see the cowl and the following pics came about. I really like them! A week ago if you had told me I would look good in a crop top I would have laughed and said 'no way'.
 I remember when we were in our car accident in June I had had this hat in the car with me, and it was pretty much brand new at the time so afterwards when we were in the hospital waiting for my Dad to be seen I kept asking Nick, did my hat survive? How is my hat doing? Haha, I'm glad it came out OK in any case.
 The week is drawing to a close and I'm excited to take in the Fringe Festival! Unfortunately Mr. Nick is going to be making up for not being able to work the last couple weekends. He's scheduled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the next two weeks. Poppycock. And we still haven't gone up to Pembina river for a beach day yet this summer! One beach day for an entire summer is not enough. Speaking of my one beach day, I'll be sharing pics of that with you soon. ;) It was just what the doctor ordered and left me wanting more!
I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far, and if you're in Alberta, preparing to participate in the Fringe!

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