Wednesday, August 31

Dressing For Yourself

Smart Set Safari Dress, Vintage Scarf and belt, Luxxor Vintage Broach, Costa Blanca tights
I love styling this dress with color! The dress itself is sort of dull, but it works as a brilliant canvas, and there’s no limit to the combinations I can create with scarves, tights, and belts.  My mother does not approve of my brightly coloured tights... wait till she sees the new ones I'm ordering from We Love Colors. I'm thinking, gold, magenta, white... there are endless possibilities!

I once had a guy make a dig at me while wearing coloured tights, they were red and lacy and he made some kind of crack about how it looked like I had a terrible rash. He, of course, thought he was being funny but it took me a long time to get over that comment! Being able to look in the mirror in the morning after dressing and be 100% confident is so important to me – it takes effort and a little bit of courage to keep that confidence strong throughout the day. The results are so worth it! I feel so much better about myself when I’m dressed the way I want to be dressed. I don’t want to dress like my mother, or my sister, or that guy who didn’t like my tights. I want to dress like ME! So button it, naysayers. 

What’s more, if you ever find yourself being negative about someone else’s style – remember that they don’t necessarily want to dress like you! 

Haha, that turned into a bit of a soap box, but I hope you found it encouraging! I also kinda hope my sister reads this, that girl has no negative comment filter. ;) 

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