Tuesday, August 23

Crimson Carnation

Shirt: Polly Magoo's, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: Joe Fresh, Sunglasses: H&M, Shoes: TOMS
Tuesday last week I wore this outfit, it was a lovely day. Bright, sunny, warm. Nick spent the evening with his friends and I caught up with my long lost bestie Amy, who I met in elementary school. She and I were in touch up until the end of high school, and luckily we were able to reunite a few months ago. She and I live very close to each other still, but we're both busy girls, her especially, so it's hard to meet up!

It was Amy's birthday this last weekend so tonight we're going to go out for dinner and a movie, and this time I'm bringing along Nick and a few friends to make it a party. Amy is a fantastic, sociable person who does great with new people so I'm excited to introduce her to a few of my lifes most importants!

It's so fantastic when you have friends who you just gel with, and even though you haven't spoken in three years when you do pick up the phone (or in our case, message them on Facebook) the conversation is just as easy as ever. Another good sign, when the person seems genuinely excited to hear from you! ;)

Tomorrow I'll let you know how Fright Night is! I'm excited to see it (David Tennant for the win) but, as the movie was my choice, I'm a little nervous about it sucking. Haha, let's hope for the best.

PS. I'm loving the sparkly manicure trend, but damn are those things hard to remove. I literally had to soak my nails in polish remover just to get these sparkly tips off. Worth it? Maybe...

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