Monday, August 8

And I'm back!

Well, my vacation week is over and done, did you miss me? Camp was fun, and Folk Fest was (as always) a blast. I have many many photos to share so you can look forward to picks from my week away starting tomorrow. For today I have returned with an outfit post and a quick note about my favorite pizza ever.
 This outfit is from the previous Thursday. Mr. Nick, his parents and I all headed down to the Taste of Edmonton for dinner. We had a fabulous time, ate lots of goodies, and managed to avoid the eventual rain by ducking into the Art Gallery and enjoying the Taste of Desserts and Liquors 'exhibit'. My favorite things were the deep fried cheese crepes from the Creperie, and the mini steak sandwiches from... somewhere. I'm terrible at remembering these details. One thing went wrong with our evening though, when I was changing into my pajamas hours later four food tickets fell out of my bra! Why do I continue to store things in there when I always forget about them? Sigh.

 I loved wearing this outfit, I felt so girly and feminine. I'm not sure if it was because of the floaty sleeves on this Anthropologie top or the pretty floral shoes I purchased recently from Zara. Either or I suppose. I wasn't completely happy with how these shoes looked with this outfit. I think they'll be cuter with jeans, but I oh so badly wanted to mix some floral prints. I think what I need is a large floral print blouse...
 Still, they make me very happy when I look down at them...
Friday night we were planning on going to Capital X, but in the end we decided to see Cowboys and Aliens and eat at our favorite restaurant. People, do not be afraid to sit at the pizza bar, especially if there are only two of you. There was a thirty minute wait for tables and Nick and I walked right in and sat down at the pizza bar. What's more, free entertainment provided by the chefs flipping pizza dough high in the air! I love watching them make pizza, especially when I see them making our pizza! Plus, that big red pizza oven is gorgeous.
Click, scroll, and comment! Did any of you go to the folk festival this weekend?

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