Tuesday, August 16

Again Today

 I'm not a huuge fan of this outfit. The white looked better with the cream when I tried it on in the mirror in the morning then it does here. I'm just trying to figure out how else I can wear this dress. I've never had a 'two in one dress' before and all of the styling frustrations I imagined would be an issue with the trend have become reality. I hate wearing something and looking the same every time, especially when people assume I'm wearing two pieces. I can just imagine the whispers, doesn't she own another shirt? Haha, shut up imagination, you're such a be-otch.
Anyway... I have considered folding the shirt underneath the skirt portion and wearing it as a skirt, but I'm afraid I'm going to stretch the shirt's neck out since my hips are a touch bigger then my face. It is a wide neck, and it fits, but ya... worried.
 I'm madly in love with these TOMS I finally got in the mail! I've been longing for them for what seems like forever and now that they're here I don't ever want to take them off! They're super comfortable, very versatile, and although expensive, support a good cause. I now want a pair in black, cream, and I would love to try some of the fall styles and get a pair in cord! I'm even digging their wedges... I bet they're comfy. Mr. Nick doesn't like them at all, haha, he says they're hipster shoes. But, damnit, I'm going to buy him a pair and he's going to like them.
 Here's a pic of how I wore the dress last time, a much better overall outfit I think. Any ideas on how you would style this kind of two in one dress? Come, on, I need your help!
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