Wednesday, July 27

Why do I post outfit photos?

 I took these photos on Monday, Mr. Nick decided he wanted to hang out with his dad for the evening but I was determined to get some outfit photos done since I was set to wash away the straight hair the following day. Besides that, I was wearing this new Dorothy Perkins dress for the first time! It would have been a travesty to have no pictures at all. So after I got home from work ( I bussed home, the bus broke down, blah blah) I snapped these photos with my camera and a tripod! A bit different for me!
After reading a blog post on why people post outfit photos, I spent a lot of time musing over the things that were said, suddenly, and for the first time, wondering why I chose to post outfit photos despite the fact that I don't have an expensive wardrobe or consider myself to be super photogenic. This is what I came up with.

1. I like to think they allow people to get to know me because I get to show a bit of my personality through my outfits, poses, etc. Instead of keeping an online and public journal, I get to mix my thoughts with fashion which I think more people can relate to.

2. I'm interested in fashion! Well, obviously.

3. It forces me to break out of what I would usually put together from my closet and be more creative by creating new pairings and outfits I wouldn't have necessarily tried before.

4. My blog becomes my virtual closet, documenting all the things in my wardrobe, trends I want to try, and what I wore when so that I don't repeat myself.
5. Forcing myself to have photos taken helps me document my life. A few months after my photo happy friend Amy moved away I realized that since she had left, no one had, and I hadn't taken any pictures of myself or Nick! I missed having my life properly documented and having an excuse to take pictures ("I have to do it FOR THE BLOG") has helped! There are so many memories saved here, it's like a virtual scrap book! And it started with outfit photos!

6. Taking photos also helps me feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and way more confident in real life! I used to rely heavily on opinions from my mother or sister to decide what I was going to wear, but taking outfit photos has helped me build confidence in my own personal style.

7. Outfit photos have also helped me become more comfortable with my own body, my body shape, and my body flaws. The more photos I take the more I understand what looks good on my body, what trends I can pull of and which I should leave alone. You might remember not that long ago I posted pictures of myself in a Bikini, a few years ago I never would have had the confidence to even wear one! But realizing my body can be dressed and draped in ways that flatter it to the point where yes, I can wear a bathing suit, I feel a lot better about sharing.

The point is, I don't post outfit photos because I think my clothes are the best, or because I think I dress so amazingly, or even because I'm super duper vain. (Although I am a little vain. Let's be real here.)  Nor do I consider myself a 'fashionista'. I'm just a person who enjoys and is interested in fashion, who wants to make a connection with people, and who is currently cultivating her own sense of style! And keeping this blog has helped a lot so far. 

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